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For Excellence in Packaging Innovations

The contest are open to brand owners, packaging manufacturers, designers, printers, foodies, retailers, transport & logistics and anyone involved in the creation of packaging business. Take this opportunity to win PackindoStar and gain global recognition for your packages. This provision applies if you are not the brand owner.

All packaging are judges strictly on weighted-points basis, the six judging criteria are : innovations, functionalty / convenience, graphic appeal, appropriateness / efficiency, enviromental performance and overall impression.


No package which has been entered for any previous contest will be considered. For intellectual property reasons, each entry must not carry any commercial trademark on the package unless it is companied by a letter of authorization or permission from the brand owner. This provision applies if you are not the brand owner.


The winners of PackindStar Awards will receive :

Certificate of Recognition

The winners will receive a trophy and and a packaging excellence certificate and are eligible to entry AsiaStar and WorldStar Award Competitions. All winners have the right to display the PackindoStar logo on their packaging and or other promotional tools. All PackindoStar winners will be featured in: packindostar.org website.

Asian Packaging Star Award Contest

World Packaging Awards Contest




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Bukit Muria Jaya, PT
Aqua Golden Mississippi Tbk, PT
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Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia, PT
Kalbe group
Panfila Indosari, PT
Alkindo Naratama Tbk, PT
Bentoel Group
Mustika Ratu Tbk, PT
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Sariayu Martha Tilaar
Industri Pembungkus Internasional, PT